Saturday, October 11, 2008

By this time, next week...

Hi all,
So excited!! The big day is getting so close-we can almost smell it, hah. Brandon and I will be in Erie this weekend, and then I'll be heading to Johnstown on Tuesday. Lots of errands to run and then comes wedding eve! Wanted to give you a walk-through of what Friday will look like, in case you were interested:) Please call if you have questions-we would love to hear from you!

Friday, October 17th
10:00am: For all those interested, we will be at Richland Fire Hall decorating for the reception. Feel free to join!

10:00-2:00pm: Hanging out. (Girls’ luggage to Adams house)

5:00pm (sharp): Ceremony Rehearsal, St. Gregory’s Catholic Church

We will sit in the pews to hear Father speak for like a minute. Then, find your partner and line up in the back of the church. When facing the front, girls go on the left side: (First ones below are the first to walk down:
Kara& Barry
Elena & Butter
Stef & Baby Kev
Cara & Dobber
Karpy & Kevin B
Tausha & Corey
Katie & Mikey
Brody & Casey
Morgan, & Ariel
Dad & Tab

**Brandon, Juice, and Koch go to the front of the church and wait. hah.
***Readers head to the front of the church to your special seating

5:45pm: Rehearsal Music Run-through, if you are not a musician/singer, you can head to the rehearsal dinner. Otherwise, stay and be amazed.

6:15ishpm: Homestead Rehearsal dinner: (Thank you Marianne & Rudy!!)

6:20pm: Toast and Prayer by Al Mesaros, tab’s pap

9:00pm: Na'nights

Can't wait to see you guys again!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

67 days to go!

Just wanted to check in last minute with the bachelorette and plunge on the horizon.

1. Anyone who needs a ride to Altoona, call me!! Kayla, Tasha, Mum, and I are all leaving from Johnstown, so come with us!
2. Any questions about times, places, attire, etc: Please email Kayla, Tasha, Katie, or Karpy. They have full details (some of which are being held from me-so I may not be helpful)
3. Try to drink a lot of water this week in preparation for this weekend (bachelorette followed by a day of drinking at the plunge). hahhha.

1. Brandon is possibly planning a golf outing for the boys on Saturday morning, he'll give you details asap.
2. Boys' girlfriends: feel free to come to come in early with the boys, we can lay out, get food ready (yea, I'll put you to work), or start drinking (HAH!) while the boys golf.
3. Plunge officially starts at 1pm with lunch followed by games (hehe) and drinking, swimming, and more drinking. Fire and fun games planned for the evening. Sunscreen will be available.

Our cells for questions this weekend:
814.241.3008 (tab)
814.241.7831 (b)

We can't wait to see all of you!! Love, love, love!!
Tab and Brand

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wedding Shower!!

The wedding shower was so great this past weekend in Johnstown! I had a great time and all the girls were so helpful, even Morgan and Ariel were big big helps! Brandon and I got a lot of great gifts, now we'll only have to figure out how to get them into our place! The food and cake was delicious and Tasha's muvee she made for Brandon and I was unbelievable. Thank goodness I watched it the night before because I was a mess about it, haha! (I've watched it about a million times since then, thank you very much).

So that was the official kick off to the wedding festivities and we are coming up on even more stuff on the weeks to come!! Take a look at the "Add to your calendar" dates on the left side of the blog, to make sure that you are squared away with anything coming up in the near future.

Out of towners: Let me know if you are wondering about travel for the plunge and need some advice. Don't stress about finding a place to sleep, we are making accomodations at the Studer house, and by accomodations I mean tents and air mattresses-yay! It's going to be fun!!

Ladies, dresses, dresses, and accessories. Keep me posted. Congratulations to the following for finding dresses already!

Gentlemen, we need measurements by the plunge, OR you all can take a little field trip up there to get measured. Preferably not after drinking, but whatever works. (hah!)

B and I are getting SO EXCITED!! about the upcoming events. We only now have to think of way to incorporate Lola into the ceremony...hahaha! just kidding.


Friday, June 27, 2008

113 Days to go until Mr. & Mrs.

Big Updates:

TUXES: Will need measurements in by Sept. 1
Out-of-towners: Look for measurement cards in your plunge invites. Take the card to any department store's suit section and ask to be measured. Write measurements on the card, give to me at the plunge:)
Johnstowners: Go to The Bridal Suite of Johnstown (in the Ollie's Plaze on Scalp) and get measured. Mention that you need fitted for the Adams/Studer Wedding by Sept. 1

BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES: Final Dress Decisions by August 1 (to leave time for alterations and accessory shopping)
Ladies, everyone (except for Karpy-yea girl!!) has been having trouble with finding red dresses...ughhh. Haha, its kind of funny because I chose this because I thought it was going to be easy...geez was I wrong. See below a list of dress websites where I hope some of you will get lucky:) Let me know if you have questions and/or want me to come with on a shopping trip? I don't know what city I'll be in at that time, but I'd love to go!! (haven't had any red dresses recently...BOO!)

SHOWER: JULY 27, 2008 12-2PM
Bridesmaids: Check your email from my mumma ( and call with questions/comments. Baskets are due to my mum or Marianne by JULY 21.

Cheers, love you!!
tab and brand

Sunday, May 25, 2008

146 days to go!

Well, we're back from vacation and have a mountain of things on our to do list. All very exciting things for the wedding though, so that's good. Vacation was a blast and we drank, and laughed, and danced too much. It was so nice to just get away together and with Brandon's parents and relax. We slept days away in the sun, and have (finally!) the tans to prove it. heh. We snorkeled, bottom-fished, got traveler's sickness, drank mamajuana, bartered, went to bed early, and read to our hearts' content. It was a great trip...but its back to business now.

Brandon and I will be moving to Erie, PA within the next month. We decided to spend another year as renters, but we're still going to get a dog. hehhe. We hope to be moved out of Punxsy by June 15th, so everyone keep their fingers crossed!!

Hopefully all the ladies out there got their shower that is on. My mom also sent out an email with the gift basket list, so if anyone has questions about what that's all about; let me, kayla, tasha, my mom, or marianne know and we'll fill ya in!

Now for the breakdown:
1. Brandon and I are going to the tux place this week, so news is coming soon about what you'll be wearing and where to send/get your measurements. Keep your ears open.
2. Juice and Koch are working on the bachelor party stuff. So get excited:)

1. I know that some people have been struggling with finding red dresses. I am expecting that more red dresses will be coming out as the fall line is debuted in early no worries, we still have plenty of time.
2. In terms of accessories: You are on your own to choose your own style and what you are comfortable with. My only request is that both your shoes and jewelry are GOLD. Feel free to go as strappy, or clunky, or funky, or flat, or high as you like. Just make it gold.
3. Anyone who is traveling for the shower and needs a) a place to stay or b) wants to come in a day early to play/help get ready, let me know...i would love it!!

Save the date: August 16 for the Bridal Party Plunge at Brandon's parents' house. You are required (heh) to attend. Swimsuits are a must and there will be plenty of food, drinks, games, and fun. Invitations to come soon.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

175 Days and counting...

Alright, big things is the run-down:

1. We found out that Brand is going to be the DM for the Erie stores, which means....WE ARE MOVING TO ERIE!! We are going to check out houses tomorrow and hopefully find one close to the lake (for B) and cute (for me). We need to be all moved in by June. um, riight.
2. I got a promotion! yay! As of May 1, I will be the NorthEast Project Manager for Scantron. I will get to work from home and then also do some travelling to customer's school sites throughout the northeast. Think Michigan-Maryland-Connecticut-Maine and all in between. Sooo, i'm going to be in California from May1-9 figuring out how to do my new job.
3. We are going on vacation with Brandon's parents from May 17-24 to -where else?-the Dominican Republic! Hopefully we'll finally get a tan, because its getting embarassing.
4. We finished our Religious Marriage Prep counseling and it was fine. Brand even said so. (heh)
5. Hope everyone got your save-the-date, if you didn't its because i don't have an up-to-date address of yours and that's a problem.
6. I will be posting pics of the new house whenever we find one, hahha.

I think that is all the new news. Will keep you all posted on the house and any other wedding related things to pop up. Maids-keep looking for dresses and send me pics. Men-we are looking into tuxes this coming month...i'll keep you posted.

Monday, April 7, 2008

193 days to go!

  • Brandon is now officially running a district by himself in Monroeville (and surrounding areas) starting today!! He has worked really hard and now just has to finish this last leg in the training process. We will find out our new location (for at least a year! no more gypsy life) on April 16th. Can't wait!

  • We finished taking our save the date pics and I am going to be getting them printed and sent out this week. Look for them in the mail...i know, finally, right?

  • Brandon and I start our Catholic Marriage Prep classes this thursday. wahoo, heh.

  • Anyone who will be in Johnstown on Friday, April 18th...Kayla and I are organizing a benefit concert for Fight For The Children at 4 Corners. From 8-midnight, we have two bands playing and the cover charge ($5 at the door) will be donated to FFTC.

Love you and miss you!

...A preview of the Save-the-date: