Friday, June 27, 2008

113 Days to go until Mr. & Mrs.

Big Updates:

TUXES: Will need measurements in by Sept. 1
Out-of-towners: Look for measurement cards in your plunge invites. Take the card to any department store's suit section and ask to be measured. Write measurements on the card, give to me at the plunge:)
Johnstowners: Go to The Bridal Suite of Johnstown (in the Ollie's Plaze on Scalp) and get measured. Mention that you need fitted for the Adams/Studer Wedding by Sept. 1

BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES: Final Dress Decisions by August 1 (to leave time for alterations and accessory shopping)
Ladies, everyone (except for Karpy-yea girl!!) has been having trouble with finding red dresses...ughhh. Haha, its kind of funny because I chose this because I thought it was going to be easy...geez was I wrong. See below a list of dress websites where I hope some of you will get lucky:) Let me know if you have questions and/or want me to come with on a shopping trip? I don't know what city I'll be in at that time, but I'd love to go!! (haven't had any red dresses recently...BOO!)

SHOWER: JULY 27, 2008 12-2PM
Bridesmaids: Check your email from my mumma ( and call with questions/comments. Baskets are due to my mum or Marianne by JULY 21.

Cheers, love you!!
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