Monday, November 12, 2007

Down to 340

Greetings from Punxy! Hah! This is our soon to be christmas card picture of us and brandon's favorite groundhog statue. The coal miner Phil. Omi. Anyway, all is well here. Brandon is still working hard and we are dogsitting for Kayla's boyfriend. He has a little chiuachua named Ricky and he's cute as anything. We had a Steeler party yesterday at our little apt. yesterday and had a blast. It was good to have all our family together cheering on the Steelers, who won, thank goodness.

My mom, Mare, and Grammar Studer are working on the bridal shower, which is on Sunday, July 27th from 12-2pm at St. Barnabus Church hall. We found out we won't be able to start decorating until after 9:30am mass, which means we are going to be buzzing around to get that place together before noon. No worries, I'm sure though, it will be fabulous.

The decision has been made by Brandon (and me!!) that the groomsmen will wear black tuxes, ivory shirts, black ties, and camo vests. yes, i said camo vests. Since all the girls are wearing varying shades of red, it would be impossible to match guys with girls. Brandon is thrilled as the groomsmen will be, i'm sure. i said as long as the jackets are buttoned up at church, i don't care what they look like at the reception...keep it classy for the Lord, ya know? hah. If you want to see what it looks like, check out: Again, with BLACK ties, not the weird camo tie that guy has on in the picture.

Brand and I are going to start looking for new apts. in monroeville so that we can make the move after Christmas and before New Years. Hope the weather holds out. Hope all is well with everyone...the holidays are on their way, so try to stay stress-free. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for red dresses, and any ideas for the flower girls, I'm still looking too. Love youns!