Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wedding Shower!!

The wedding shower was so great this past weekend in Johnstown! I had a great time and all the girls were so helpful, even Morgan and Ariel were big big helps! Brandon and I got a lot of great gifts, now we'll only have to figure out how to get them into our place! The food and cake was delicious and Tasha's muvee she made for Brandon and I was unbelievable. Thank goodness I watched it the night before because I was a mess about it, haha! (I've watched it about a million times since then, thank you very much).

So that was the official kick off to the wedding festivities and we are coming up on even more stuff on the weeks to come!! Take a look at the "Add to your calendar" dates on the left side of the blog, to make sure that you are squared away with anything coming up in the near future.

Out of towners: Let me know if you are wondering about travel for the plunge and need some advice. Don't stress about finding a place to sleep, we are making accomodations at the Studer house, and by accomodations I mean tents and air mattresses-yay! It's going to be fun!!

Ladies, dresses, dresses, and accessories. Keep me posted. Congratulations to the following for finding dresses already!

Gentlemen, we need measurements by the plunge, OR you all can take a little field trip up there to get measured. Preferably not after drinking, but whatever works. (hah!)

B and I are getting SO EXCITED!! about the upcoming events. We only now have to think of way to incorporate Lola into the ceremony...hahaha! just kidding.