Tuesday, August 14, 2007

431 days to go, yippee!

Back from a very busy week into weekend, we are feeling re-inspired and even more excited about our own wedding. Stefanie and Justin's wedding was so fun and fabulous. They both looked absolutely gorgeous and truly happy. Such a blast that Brand and I were both able to be a part of their special day.

San Diego was englightening and educational. I am glad to be back on the east coast. As you know, I have sent out my bridesmaids invitations and I am having so much fun reading the response cards, your emails, and listening to voicemails. heh, I know it is waaay in advance, but I could barely keep my mouth quiet about who I wanted to join us on our big day. Brand has yet to officially ask the guys...but we will eventually let everyone in on the line-up and partners. hehe, so fun! After I get all the response cards back, I am going to send out a bridesmaid's email so everyone can keep in touch in that way.

Well, loves. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer. Tasha is off to Lock Haven this weekend, and Brand and I will make our semi-permanant move to Punxsy as of Sept. 1. Miss you all a lot.


Saturday, August 4, 2007

441 days to go!

yoooohooooo, big things happening in our neck of the woods. Just to update all on our ever-changing lives.

a) Brandon is still working for ALDI and will transfer to the Punxsutawney store in September until Christmas eve of this year. From there we will move to Monroeville, so he can train as District Manager out there until June. Then, we don't know where ALDI will take us.
b) I got a job with Scantron corporation (ya know the online testing system at schools!) I am a training consultant and will travel all over the nation to train teachers and administration how to use the program. Yay for traveling! I am leaving for my Train-the-trainer session on Sunday in San Diego. Fun, I've never been to the west coast.
c) Brand and I have been progressively moving to our mini-Punxsy apartment. Its adorable, and there will be pictures to follow.

d) I bought my wedding gown, yay yay yay! Tasha and I went into the city and it should be delivered to my parents house by Thanksgiving! It's beautiful and I love it.
e) I bought a new laptop and i'm really excited about it.

Meesh's wedding today and Stef&Justin's bachelor(ette) parties tonight. Next weekend is their wedding, soooo excited!

Well, all for now. Enjoy the steaming weather.