Thursday, January 24, 2008

268 folks...

Hi my loves,

So we have been making really great headway on the wedding plans. My mom, Marianne, and Kayla, and I went to visit the amazing florists last wednesday and it was a blast. We were there for 2.5 hours and it took awhile for them to get what I had in mind, but they finally came around. They are working on coming up with exact bouquets and will get back to me. What is definite is we will have three different kinds of bridesmaids bouquets and the flower girls are wearing hair halos (of flowers). My bouquet will be a mixture of everyone's bouquet flowers. From what we talked about it, I love it. yay!

I also went on a cake tasting with my grandma and brand's gram. It was fun and we booked the baker. We haven't made a for sure decision about what it will look like with the exception of it definitely being three tiers of round cakes and beading at the bottom of each tier. Like this:

...And instead of those flowers on this cake, it will be berries (like in the bouquets). I want it to be simple and pretty.

I also got my wedding day shoes. I saw the pic in a bridal magazine and fell in love. I got them at David's Bridal and love them. The david's bridal lady gave me a catalog of their most recent dresses, so if anyone wants to check it out, let me know and i'll get it to you!

We are in the works talking to a DJ and getting it all worked out. If we could just get that settled, I would feel a little less anxious.

Brandon and I spent a whole day registering for gifts at crate&barrel online and bed, bath & beyond. All we have to do now is actually go to bb&b and register for our sheets and towels, you kind of have to feel that stuff to choose it, ya know.

Talked to the church and have determined that the ceremony will start at 2pm and reception will begin at 5pm at the fire hall. Brandon and I signed up for our religious counseling in April, woohoo!! He is really looking forward to that...hah.

As I posted earlier, all girls are welcome to stay at my parent's house on the wedding eve. We are going to have the hairdresser at our house on the wedding morn along with snacks and mimosas. Kayla says shes going to make a sweet CD including "Goin' to the Chapel" hahh! can't wait. The hairdresser says, "$35 a head, have dry hair, and have the hairstyle in mind." word.

Other than that, I am sooooo flipping excited about the wedding and all the festivities to come. Thank you to everyone who has been putting up with my extreme giddiness!! Love you!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

278 days and counting...

Quick post:
New links for bridesmaids dresses and also wanted to say that we are going with red dresses and gold shoes and jewelry, both your choice. :) Let me know any questions!

love you!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy 2008 and wedding year!

Hello and happy new year from Brandon and I. We are offically gypsies and starting out the new year with some adventure...hah! Please read on to any updates you are most interested in:

Brandon: Finally finished his in-store training in Punxsutawney (yay!). He has now moved on to his district manager training as of Dec.31st and has six weeks to learn the ins and outs in his old stomping ground of Washington, PA. He has lightened his work hours (thank goodness), is eating regularly again, and so thrilled that he will get to go to all the home W&J basketball games. After six weeks in WashPa, he will be six weeks in Jamestown, NY, still learning. Then it will be to Monroeville until the middle of May. Thus, we are gypsies leaving in hotels/out of the car until then. Romantic.

Tab: Still working with Scantron and surprisingly, cannot leave NYC no matter what. I'm scheduled to go back up for the month of January to do trainings and then possibly into February as well, if I'm needed. As of the new year, i'm trying to be fully dedicated to taking care of myself and losing so much weight that people will think i need to be committed...any support would be appreciated. (hah..only half kidding) After brandon and i get a real home that is somewhat permanent i want to get back in to teaching because i miss kids.

Wedding: invitations have been purchased and i'm doing them myself. they are pretty simple but cute. Brandon is almost finished asking all the guys, so soon we will have an offical partner list. We still don't have a DJ booked (panic ensue) but are looking and getting a lot of suggestions. I am also beginning to think about flowers...but not positive yet on anything. We have three hairdressers coming to my parents house on the day of the wedding to do our hair, all bridesmaids are welcome to stay at my mum&dad's house on wedding eve. Please do, i'll probably have insomnia and need company.

Bridesmaid Dress Deadline: August 18, 2008
*Please forward pics to me:)

Now that it is FINALLY 2008, i'm going to be really excited and squeal-ly about everything. I'm going to apologize in advance for the level of annoying-ness that i will reach, but also say thank you for your enthusiasm and patience with me. Besides, that's why i picked youns, i knew you would at least pretend to be excited about shower plans and table settings. i love you!

ps. i'm seriously considering wearing cowboy boots on the wedding day. anyone gonna try and stop me? heh, but seriously.