Saturday, September 15, 2007

398 days left..

I was thinking today about how the wedding seems like a bagillion years away and I'm so excited that I wish it would hurry up. We finally got our desktop working and I was looking through picture slideshows (typical) and found this pic. of brand and I one year ago:

We took it at the West Indies Parade in Brooklyn. fun. So, my point..a year has gone by pretty quickly, so yay for the wedding being a year away because we have ALOT to do until then. haha.

All is going well in Punxsy. Brandon is working like a maniac at the store, and it is really starting to shape up nice. Literally, he works 15 hour days (at least1-2 times a week). I never get to see him, so I take him dinner and watch him unload canned goods. Romantic, we realize.

I am off to New York as of tomorrow and will be there until October 5. Brand is going to have to try to survive without me at his every need. haha, I flatter myself. I will be in training sessions 5 days a week and then have my weekends to myself. Hopefully going to visit PS 27 and all my kiddies one day. Hopefully Elena stops working so hard so I can squeeze in a visit to Boston (maybe birthday weekend?)

It smells/feels like fall today, and it makes me sooo happy. I really couldn't love a season any more than I love fall. I definitely wouldn't want to get married in any other season. i love love love fall! yay.

go steelers. hah.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

409 days and counting...

Official Punxsy residents as of this weekend. Still unpacking and will probably be all the way up until we need start re-packing. ah, well. Brand and I are having a blast playing house. Punxsy has yet to reveal itself as the mega party town as i'm sure it secretly is...riiight. not even a movie theater, not cool. So far so good, though.

Brand and I visited the reception hall this past weekend, and were able to get some good ideas (and questions) about how we are going to set things up for the big day. In any case, it is going to look fabulous. heh.

I am now definitely being shipped back to nyc with scantron from Sept. 16-October 5. Hopefully will get a chance to make some visits while I am there thanks to the Chinatown bus (i.e. Boston and Baltimore)! Brandon is working super-hard already and is completely in charge of the store.

Some dates to [try to] keep open:

Sunday, July 27: Wedding Shower (Johnstown, PA)
**Planners: Moms of the B&G

Saturday, August 9: Bridal Party Plunge (Johnstown, PA)
**Planners: B&G

TBA: Bachelor/ette Parties
**Planners: you, heh.

Friday, October 17: Rehearsal &Dinner (Johnstown, PA)
Saturday, October 18: Wedding, (yay yay yay!!)

..okay, love you all.