Tuesday, August 12, 2008

67 days to go!

Just wanted to check in last minute with the bachelorette and plunge on the horizon.

1. Anyone who needs a ride to Altoona, call me!! Kayla, Tasha, Mum, and I are all leaving from Johnstown, so come with us!
2. Any questions about times, places, attire, etc: Please email Kayla, Tasha, Katie, or Karpy. They have full details (some of which are being held from me-so I may not be helpful)
3. Try to drink a lot of water this week in preparation for this weekend (bachelorette followed by a day of drinking at the plunge). hahhha.

1. Brandon is possibly planning a golf outing for the boys on Saturday morning, he'll give you details asap.
2. Boys' girlfriends: feel free to come to come in early with the boys, we can lay out, get food ready (yea, I'll put you to work), or start drinking (HAH!) while the boys golf.
3. Plunge officially starts at 1pm with lunch followed by games (hehe) and drinking, swimming, and more drinking. Fire and fun games planned for the evening. Sunscreen will be available.

Our cells for questions this weekend:
814.241.3008 (tab)
814.241.7831 (b)

We can't wait to see all of you!! Love, love, love!!
Tab and Brand

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