Saturday, October 11, 2008

By this time, next week...

Hi all,
So excited!! The big day is getting so close-we can almost smell it, hah. Brandon and I will be in Erie this weekend, and then I'll be heading to Johnstown on Tuesday. Lots of errands to run and then comes wedding eve! Wanted to give you a walk-through of what Friday will look like, in case you were interested:) Please call if you have questions-we would love to hear from you!

Friday, October 17th
10:00am: For all those interested, we will be at Richland Fire Hall decorating for the reception. Feel free to join!

10:00-2:00pm: Hanging out. (Girls’ luggage to Adams house)

5:00pm (sharp): Ceremony Rehearsal, St. Gregory’s Catholic Church

We will sit in the pews to hear Father speak for like a minute. Then, find your partner and line up in the back of the church. When facing the front, girls go on the left side: (First ones below are the first to walk down:
Kara& Barry
Elena & Butter
Stef & Baby Kev
Cara & Dobber
Karpy & Kevin B
Tausha & Corey
Katie & Mikey
Brody & Casey
Morgan, & Ariel
Dad & Tab

**Brandon, Juice, and Koch go to the front of the church and wait. hah.
***Readers head to the front of the church to your special seating

5:45pm: Rehearsal Music Run-through, if you are not a musician/singer, you can head to the rehearsal dinner. Otherwise, stay and be amazed.

6:15ishpm: Homestead Rehearsal dinner: (Thank you Marianne & Rudy!!)

6:20pm: Toast and Prayer by Al Mesaros, tab’s pap

9:00pm: Na'nights

Can't wait to see you guys again!


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