Saturday, April 26, 2008

175 Days and counting...

Alright, big things is the run-down:

1. We found out that Brand is going to be the DM for the Erie stores, which means....WE ARE MOVING TO ERIE!! We are going to check out houses tomorrow and hopefully find one close to the lake (for B) and cute (for me). We need to be all moved in by June. um, riight.
2. I got a promotion! yay! As of May 1, I will be the NorthEast Project Manager for Scantron. I will get to work from home and then also do some travelling to customer's school sites throughout the northeast. Think Michigan-Maryland-Connecticut-Maine and all in between. Sooo, i'm going to be in California from May1-9 figuring out how to do my new job.
3. We are going on vacation with Brandon's parents from May 17-24 to -where else?-the Dominican Republic! Hopefully we'll finally get a tan, because its getting embarassing.
4. We finished our Religious Marriage Prep counseling and it was fine. Brand even said so. (heh)
5. Hope everyone got your save-the-date, if you didn't its because i don't have an up-to-date address of yours and that's a problem.
6. I will be posting pics of the new house whenever we find one, hahha.

I think that is all the new news. Will keep you all posted on the house and any other wedding related things to pop up. Maids-keep looking for dresses and send me pics. Men-we are looking into tuxes this coming month...i'll keep you posted.

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