Sunday, May 25, 2008

146 days to go!

Well, we're back from vacation and have a mountain of things on our to do list. All very exciting things for the wedding though, so that's good. Vacation was a blast and we drank, and laughed, and danced too much. It was so nice to just get away together and with Brandon's parents and relax. We slept days away in the sun, and have (finally!) the tans to prove it. heh. We snorkeled, bottom-fished, got traveler's sickness, drank mamajuana, bartered, went to bed early, and read to our hearts' content. It was a great trip...but its back to business now.

Brandon and I will be moving to Erie, PA within the next month. We decided to spend another year as renters, but we're still going to get a dog. hehhe. We hope to be moved out of Punxsy by June 15th, so everyone keep their fingers crossed!!

Hopefully all the ladies out there got their shower that is on. My mom also sent out an email with the gift basket list, so if anyone has questions about what that's all about; let me, kayla, tasha, my mom, or marianne know and we'll fill ya in!

Now for the breakdown:
1. Brandon and I are going to the tux place this week, so news is coming soon about what you'll be wearing and where to send/get your measurements. Keep your ears open.
2. Juice and Koch are working on the bachelor party stuff. So get excited:)

1. I know that some people have been struggling with finding red dresses. I am expecting that more red dresses will be coming out as the fall line is debuted in early no worries, we still have plenty of time.
2. In terms of accessories: You are on your own to choose your own style and what you are comfortable with. My only request is that both your shoes and jewelry are GOLD. Feel free to go as strappy, or clunky, or funky, or flat, or high as you like. Just make it gold.
3. Anyone who is traveling for the shower and needs a) a place to stay or b) wants to come in a day early to play/help get ready, let me know...i would love it!!

Save the date: August 16 for the Bridal Party Plunge at Brandon's parents' house. You are required (heh) to attend. Swimsuits are a must and there will be plenty of food, drinks, games, and fun. Invitations to come soon.

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